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Consulting and
   management of
      the forest.

Care and
   cultivation of
Pruning trees.
Manual and
Manual and
Harvested by
   cable car.
Buying wood on
   the stump or
      on the road.

Preparation of
  energy wood.

The construction
   of forest roads.


About the company

Cirles is a family business that was founded in 1991. In 25 years of operation, we have accumulated enough knowledge and experience, which in this demanding profession more important. Of course, we are also in our company believe that never in my life do not know and do not know how all employees should therefore always be perfected and acquire their knowledge in various lectures and courses.

For timber harvest and logging have organized teamwork, felling and skidding is carried out at the same time, because this work even more safely. That the felling and rapid harvesting is very important and, of course, linked to very quickly show if the trees are damaged and attacked by bark beetle. At that time, the need for rapid remediation. When harvested timber is very important rapid transport and purchase of wood. For transportation we have our own car fleet.

For a good part of the forest is also important machinery. Throughout the year we try to improve and facilitate working conditions. For this reason, we bought three years ago harvester - machine to machine wood-month, last year, a modern cable car.

We are also aware that it takes many years to grow a new tree. Therefore, our work consistent and correct, you can ask also our long-standing customer (GG Bled, Ljubljana Forest, Forestry Gorenjska, etc.).

 Consulting and management of the forest.
 Care and cultivation of forest.
 Transporting wood.
 Manual and mechanized cutting.
 Hand and tractor harvesting.
 Harvested by cable car.
 Buying wood on the stump or on the road.
 Preparation of energy wood.
 The construction of forest roads.
 Pruning trees.
CIRLES d.o.o., Preddvor
 Tupaliče 21
 4205 Preddvor, Slovenia
 Tel.:+386 4 25 55 830
 Fax:+386 4 25 55 831
 E-mail: info@cirles.si