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Consulting and
   management of
      the forest.

Care and
   cultivation of
Pruning trees.
Manual and
Manual and
Harvested by
   cable car.
Buying wood on
   the stump or
      on the road.

Preparation of
  energy wood.

The construction
   of forest roads.




We purchase all kinds of wood on the stump or at roadside truck. Wood can be prepared by the owner himself or you for logging and skidding help me. When examining the wood and yard together with the owner arrange for the price. For measurement of the logs, it is desirable that the owner is present. Depending on the quality of logs depending on where we sell wood (Slovenia, Austria or Italy). All through adjust to the market and we are looking for purchasers in a given moment offer more. We can also provide our customers with the best price, which of course we all want.

All payments shall be made at the agreed time period for which we have arrested a certificate of excellence rating.

 Consulting and management of the forest.
 Care and cultivation of forest.
 Transporting wood.
 Manual and mechanized cutting.
 Hand and tractor harvesting.
 Harvested by cable car.
 Buying wood on the stump or on the road.
 Preparation of energy wood.
 The construction of forest roads.
 Pruning trees.
CIRLES d.o.o., Preddvor
 Tupaliče 21
 4205 Preddvor, Slovenia
 Tel.:+386 4 25 55 830
 Fax:+386 4 25 55 831
 E-mail: info@cirles.si